SAP BDC Tutorial

The full form of BDC is Batch Data Communication. It’s a technique in SAP used for mass input of data or uploading data into SAP system (If particular BAPI is not available).BDC also known as Batch Input. There are two types of BDC are there

  • Call Transaction Using (using CALL TRANSACTION statement)
  • Batch Input Session (using BDC_OPEN_GROUP, BDC_INSERT and BDC_CLOSE_GROUP function modules)

ABAP programming is requires for any BDC methods. First we need to record a transaction and then embed this recording in our ABAP program. Then we will run this using Call Transaction using or BI session method.


This is the fastest method to transfer data.



USING <bdc_tab>

MODE  <mode>

UPDATE  <update>


Main Display Modes used

A: Display all

E: Display Errors only

N : No Display


Main Updates modes

S: Synchronous

A: Asynchronous

L : Local Update


While we doing CALL TRANSACTION USING method, first we will create a structure BDCDATA for the transaction. This structure is used in the USING addition of the CALL TRANSACTION statement.

Batch Input Session

In this method data is stored in a batch input session and later run this session. Here is the process flow of BI session method.

  • Use BDC_OPEN_GROUP function module to create a BI session.
  • BDCDATA structure, enter the value for all screens and fields that must be processed in the transaction
  • Use BDC INSERT function module to transfer the transaction and the BDCDATA structure to the session
  • Use BDC_CLOSE_GROUP function module to close the batch input session.

Now this session will be in a batch input queue and we need to process it. The session processing can be two types

  • Manually using the batch input menu options (SM35 transaction).
  • Use RSBDCSUB program to run the session in background.
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