ABAP ASSIGN component to a Field Symbol

ASSIGN statement keyword in ABAP is used to assign the values to field symbols. A field symbol is just only a place holder with a symbolic name for other fields. It won’t contain any physical data, it just point to the area where the data is stored (Like pointer in C programming).

Different Syntax variation for the ASSIGN keyword

Here the first variation (ASSIGN f TO .) will store the contents of field f to the field symbol. In the second variation ( ASSIGN (f) TO .) the field symbol will be assigned with the field whose name is stored in the field f.


How to store structure components to a filed symbol

If we have structured data object <struct1> and <component1> is one of the subfield (component) of that structure. Now we can use following the statement to store that component in a Field Symbol <FS>

ASSIGN COMPONENT <component1> OF STRUCTURE <struct1> TO <FS>.


Normal using additions with ASSIGN

Return Codes

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