SAP PRTE (Scheduling Data for Project Item) Table & Fields

PRTE is a SAP table coming under PS module and SAP_APPL component.View details, Fields & related tables of PRTE.
  • Table description : Scheduling Data for Project Item
  • Module : PS-DAT
  • Parent Module : PS
  • Package : CN_PSP_TRM
  • Software Component : SAP_APPL

PRTE hierarchy


PRTE Fields structure

FieldNoteData ElementDomain
.INCLUDEScheduling Data for Project Item    
PSPHICurrent number of the appropriate projectPS_PSPHIPS_PSPNR
PSTRTWBS element: Basic start datePS_PSTRTDATUM
ESTRTForecasted start date of the WBS elementPS_ESTRTDATUM
ISTRTActual start date for the WBS elementPS_ISTRTDATUM
PENDEWBS element: Basic finish datePS_PENDEDATUM
EENDEForecasted finish date of the WBS elementPS_EENDEDATUM
IENDEActual finish date of the WBS elementPS_IENDEDATUM
PDAURLength (duration) of the basic dates in the WBS elementPS_PDAURDAUER_4_1
EDAURForecasted length (duration) of the WBS elementPS_EDAURDAUER_4_1
IDAURActual length (duration) of the WBS elementPS_IDAURDAUER_4_1
IEINHUnit for duration of actual WBS element datesPS_IEINHEINHEIT
EEINHUnit for duration of WBS element planned datesPS_EEINHEINHEIT
PEINHUnit for duration of basic WBS element datesPS_PEINHEINHEIT
FLGVGIndicator: There are activities for the WBS elementsPS_FLGVGX
FLGEWIndicator: Expected dates from the activitiesPS_FLGEWX
FLGEMIndicator: Forecast dates set manuallyPS_FLGEMX
FLGVMIndicator: Basic dates set manuallyPS_FLGVMX
FLGIMIndicator: Actual dates set manuallyPS_FLGIMX
FLGVIIndicator: Actual dates from the activitiesPS_FLGVIX
PSTRMScheduled start (Basic)PS_GSTRSDATUM
PETRMScheduled finish (Basic)PS_GLTRSDATUM
ESTRMScheduled start date (Forecast)PS_GSTPPDATUM
EETRMScheduled finish date (Forecast)PS_GLTPPDATUM
VISTRTentative actual start date for WBS elementPS_ISTVORLDATUM
VIENDTentative actual finish date for WBS elementPS_IENVORLDATUM
PSTRSLatest scheduled start date (basic)PS_GSTREDATUM
PETRFEarliest scheduled finish date (basic)PS_GETREDATUM
ESTRSLatest scheduled start date (forecast)PS_GSTRPDATUM
EETRFEarliest scheduled finish date (forecast)PS_GLTRPDATUM