Terms in SAP and Full form

Here is a list of terms and their full forms used in SAP software for your reference. I am trying to add more terms here. You can also contribute as comments.

  • Full form of SAP : System Application and products in data processing
  • Full form of ABAP : Advanced Business Application Programming
  • Full form of LSMW : Legacy System Migration Workbench
  • Full form of BDC : Batch Data Communication
  • Full form of ALE : Application Link Enabling
  • Full form of IDoc : Intermediate Document
  • Full form of EDI : Electronic Data Interchange
  • Full form of RFC : Remote Function Call
  • Full form of BAPI : Business Application Programming Interface
  • Full form of BADI : Business Add-in’s
  • Full form of ALV : ABAP ( SAP ) List Viewer
  • HR Module : Human Resource Module
  • MM Module : Material Management Module
  • PM Module : Plant Maintenance Module
  • PP Module : Production Planning Module
  • PS : Project Systems
  • QM : Quality Management
  • WM : Warehouse Management


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